Can't mess with the jungle boys

Sonntag morgens 2:00 am. Die Lifemusik ist over. Dedi, Jaka, Victoria und ich sitzen leicht erschoepft im Indras und lassen den Abend ueber Karims Crackern ausklingen. Jaka (mit Abstand der Betrunkenste von allen):"Now I will tell you story about jungleboy." Ich warte gespannt, auf dass, was da kommen mag.


"It was one time long long time ago in a village, therrre was a queen and a king. And the queen wanted to have grandchild, so every man around the village wanted to make her grandchild, but of course very harrrd, because king wouldn’t accept everyone. But then therrre was jungle boy you know, verrry cleverrr. Because long long time ago, therrre was no toilet, only jungle toilet you know. So queen also always going to jungle toilet and using the leaves to clean. So jungle boy very clever, just masturbating on the leaves and next time queen go to jungle toilet and use the leaves to clean, she pregnant and her grandchild son of jungle boy!" What a story!



"And also verrry long long time ago, there from medan to bukit lawang many honeytree and queen like honey verrry much, so everrry man always trying to get honey from the tree for queen, but verrry dangerous, because tree honey verrry high so many people fall down and die. And long time ago no washing rrroom you know, so people very bad smell and queen didn’t want this man stinky. So the father gave them lemon you know, so they put lemon on theirrrr body to make them clean, but still not smell so good because only lemon. But jungle boy, verrry clever, just swim in the riverrr you know, not use lemon, and smell very good, so he the man for the queen." Und was hat das ganze jetzt mit dem Honig zu tun? "Haeh?" "The honey that the guys tried to get off the trees" Irritiertes Unverstaendnis auf Seiten meines Gegenuebers. Nach kurzem angestrengen Nachdenken hellt sich seine Miene auf. "Ah, no money no honey!" Ah, achso. In diesem Sinne gute nacht!

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