Exkurs: Tod und Teufel in the jungle

3 days before trrecking: Ich sitze mit Tedy und Roy im Fido Didos und esse Gado Gado. Tedy:„You know Stevanna that 2003 there was big flood and many people killed.” “yea yea, I know I know” “Further up the riverrr in the jungle was big house beforrre. German woman living therre long time, she also die in flood. Now we have camp therre for trecking. Always when we go that camp we very much scared.” Why? “Because this camp not good. Sometimes you hearrr woman singing at night and when you look, nobody therrre. Me always when I go there make dinner for tourists already at 6pm then give them many many ganja for smoking so 10 minutes laterrr tourists and me sleeping before getting dark. Then I put my Sarong on my head so that I cannot hear or see anything. Then I hope I sleep long and only wake up next morning, if I wake up at night me smoke much more ganja. And always at night when we go to toilet, we only go togetherrr because we so scarrred. In the morning we always leave very early, if tourist ask, we tell we have to go early because you only see animal in the morning. Also sometimes Borodum coming to that camp, we hear sound of bells.”

 4 years before trrecking: Im besagten Camp bricht sich ein englischer Tourist das Genick, als er auf den Steinen des angrenzenden Wasserfalls ausrutscht. Er ist auf der Stelle tot.

Roy:“ Sometimes at night therrre you also hear screaming from the waterfall.“

Hey Dedi! Hast Du was von diesem Spukcamp gehoert? “Pasti! Yeah off course I know it. I never go there!”

 3 weeks before trrecking: Im besagten Camp stirbt ein polnischer Tourist an einer Asthmaattacke. Der Guide tubt im Gummireifen mit dem, in einen Sarong gehuellten, Leichnam den Fluss runter zurueck nach Bukit Lawang.

 3 days before trrecking: Tedy:“ Last week, group with two english girls also stop at that camp. At night the guide put candle in front of the tent, girls already sleeping. And suddenly candle is behind the tent but nobody touch it. So guide put it to the front again and same thing happened. Candle again behind.”

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