Die Sache mit Amber

Amber hat ihren Job in Suedafrika aufgegeben, um in Kuala Lumpur als Volunteer in einem Fluechtlingsprojekt zu arbeiten. Das ist lobenswert. „Well, I really needed a change you know. And can you believe it??! After the first week they kicked us out, the lady was like: pack your bags and leave tonight, I don’t wanna see you here tomorrow morning. Just leave! And I was like: What the f…?” Hm. Why? „Well, ONLY because that night, we went out and got so fucking drunk that my friend passed out and I really didn’t know what to do and we arrived at home completely fucked and the lady was like “alright that’s it. Get out!” and didn’t even give us a chance to explain, because I mean hello lady! This is not what it looks like actually!” Das ist schade. Und ungerecht. Jetzt sitze ich mit Amber auf der verkommenen Dachterrasse der 75 Travellers Lodge und lasse mir die Defizite des suedafrikanischen Rechtssystems erlaeutern. „Well you know, the system in South Africa is really bad you know. For example, a while ago, a friend of mine killed another friend of mine…” Aeh sorry, was war das? A friend of yours killed another friend of yours. “Jaja, and he chopped her up, cut her into pieces and buried her in the garden, and that’s when the neighbors noticed that sth’s not right there and called the cops and since there was no space in jail they just made him pay 200 Euros (umgerechnet) and let him get away with it until the day of his trial 5 months later.” Pretty bad pretty bad…”Oh and I am actually so happy to meet someone like you!!!” huh? Why’s that? „Because you are shining!” Shining. What u mean? “You are so bright, so shining, when I look into your face its like seeing the sun, I have never seen that in anyone before and the positive attitude that you spread out that’s just amazing!” Welch Kompliment! Ich freue mich und scheine gleich noch ein bisschen mehr.

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